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Top Casinos Have To Put Up With Big Winners Too

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games played the world over. It epitomizes the casino game and stands alone as one of the easiest games to make money with, if players have the bankroll and stick to 'standard plus' strategy. All top casinos offer live blackjack, as do top casinos online. The wonderful thing about playing this game online is that there are many variations - these have been devised by simple tweaks to the rules, so, are still easy to follow and strategy charts may be used.

While we can't promise you will win or not if you play blackjack at top casinos; let this brief story inspire you, when you realize winning can happen. In recent headlines, one top casino blackjack player in Atlantic City (US) who is really top of his game; managed to pick up a very cool $15.1 million over the duration of playing for only six months. Although this is a true story, it does come across as a myth, because winning like this doesn't just happen to anyone.

It is success stories such as these that keep top casinos in business and this player who remained unnamed for a while, only last week landed prize money of $5.8 million, when playing blackjack at the Tropicana. This got the press buzzing around the player who is in fact a resident of Pennsylvania. A win of this amount of money on blackjack by one high rolling player can in fact ruin profits for an entire month at top casinos. Although a bad week for the casino, this is just a normal week of blackjack playing as far as the winner is concerned.

Don Johnson (does not sound like a real name to us) - the blackjack player; has also won $5 million at top casinos; the Borgata and $4 million at Caesars. He is actually the Chief Executive Officer at a software company and although he says he doesn't count cards, he does use strategy and believes that luck counts. He also says the game or casinos beat most people in the long term due to lack of bankroll; he has no problems bankrolling himself. He says he has a lot of money to spend in casinos so he can roll with the good and the bad when it comes down to winning or losing.

Depending on the rules of the particular variant of blackjack being played, the house edge in this game is much lower than slots or other games of chance. Sticking to basic strategy or basic strategy plus when playing the game can bring the house edge down to as little as 0.5%, which is extremely low. It is not a difficult game to learn to play, and top casino online even offer free blackjack schools for those who have never played before. The only other game with a lower house edge than this is poker, and that is because of the fact that players are playing against each other and not against the house (casino).

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Has an employee the right to watch a match of the World Cup at work?

In general, watching a football game on the internet or placing bets on online betting sites in office is an act which can be punish severely. Indeed, while in many countries, the World Cup is taking place in working hours; many media are addressing the question if it is permissible for...
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Have fun and make money at any time with online casino!

Nothing is as fun as playing a game, or making money. There are only a few places you can do both: casinos. But traveling to a casino can be expensive as you should spend also gas, food, lodging. Fortunately the internet has come up with a solution- you can play online...
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NHL - Final of the Eastern conference: the Rangers defeated at home

The numerous fans of online sports betting who had bet on the Americans of New York have been mistaken during the Eastern conference final in the NHL League. Effectively on Thursday evening, the Canadians from Montreal ended the series of two victories of the Rangers. They defeated the local sportsmen at...
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Football : France crushed Norway

The first warming-up game of France against Norway on Tuesday evening at Stade de France ended in a success for Didier Deschamps’ team over their hosts (4-0). The match was richly filled with lessons, such necessary aspects on the eve of the Football World Cup. Let’s not dwell on the undeniable...
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Sports Betting online news

Online sports betting is an industry that earns billions of dollars per year and is also one of the most popular forms of gambling available. Ever since the advent of the internet online gambling has taken off and many people are starting to turn to this form of gambling. There are...
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Keep on spinning and get home with some extra money!

The English word « free spin » means in french « tours gratuits » (for those who want to know it!). When we speak of free spin, what come first in our mind are slot machine games, also called « one-armed bandit ». Slot machine games are available both available in...
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Prix de Montigny in Maisons-Laffitte: The palm to Heartiste

For the jockey Olivier Peslier, beautiful series continue. The fanatics of online betting best bonus who have bet on this horse are obviously delighted by the performance of this man. Less than a week ago, he won with Indian Lass a race in Chantilly’s racecourse. On Monday afternoon in Maisons-Laffitte, the...
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Some advice about live bet

Lately, operators of sports betting offer to their members the privilege to make a direct bet. It is quite advantageous because bettors have the possibility to bet at any time during the match. So they have the opportunity to take decision according to the evolution of the game. In order to...
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