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How to calculate the winnings on online betting?
Online betting draws more and more people online. It is now possible to bet via internet on a sport event like a match of soccer or tennis match, thanks to online sport betting addresses. Know for those who overlook that a sport betting consists of gambling a certain amount of money on the sport competition’s winning possibility. To win a bet, for example a bet put on a football match, the gambler has to estimate which of the two teams will win the match. Before making bets, the gambler will know the amount of his winnings provided that his estimation would happen. And that is possible with the odd system used by bookmakers.

Indeed, online betting websites apply an odd for each gamble. The amount of a winning bet is calculated under the multiplication of the odd with the amount of the gamble. In general, low odds are given by the bookmakers for the most probable winner team or athlete, whereas higher odds are used in gamble on the less probable winner team or athlete. As an example, a €10 gamble with 1.6 odd allows the gambler to receive €16 of earning, if he betted on the winner team.
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Guineas meeting: Three year-old horses’ racing appointment this Sunday at Lonchamp
Longchamp racecourse in “Bois de Boulogne”, in France will be filled with exiting horse racings. Several flat races are scheduled to take place there. The one which is called “Poule d’essai” and the French 2000 Guineas of three year-old horses are the most awaited races by online betting prediction fans. They are always ready to gamble on such a not-to-be-missed event like this. During this event, punters will be spoilt for choice.

Indeed, twenty-three fillies will be on the track to defeat Flotilla, the defending champion. Part of them is Veda, a symbolic horse that possesses good odds in online sports betting: winner of the “Prix du Louvres”, her participation in “Marcel Bousac Prize” (GR.1) in early October deserved a focused attention. Jean-Claude Rouget’s Veda has therefore a bright future in this competition. As for Lesstalk, after her thrilling victory in “Prix de Grotte” in Paris, she also has a real potentiality to grab the title home and choosing this one could also let you win online betting best bonus.
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Mobile gambling in 2014: Your ideal way to make money
Mobile gambling has come of age and 2014 promises to be an exciting year for this field. There are so many prospects out here with many people already being employed or depending indirectly in this area and some becoming experts in their lines of work, only the sky is the limit. Pro basketball has been a countrywide sensation in the US which has in the last decade trickled to most European Community. This has prompted the online bets nba which has received massive crowds in the last decade with so many followers. The odds of these bets are usually placed by the quarters and the halves of the game.

These bets are always as captivating and can go either way as this very unpredictable game which makes it even more exciting to bet on. And with the season running they are preseason games, the regular season games and the all-star games which bring many gamblers to try their luck with the variety of bets. The bookmakers’ offers make mobile gambling all the more interesting with many offers mostly to bring on the new gamblers with free offers for them like free bets and some of them also offer free bets to the existing clients to improve business.
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Barcelona eliminated by Atletico Madrid
Amateurs of sport betting were certainly surprised by the outcome of the meeting between Barcelona and Atletico. Since 2007, Barcelona always participated in the semi-finals of the Champions leagues tournament. But this year, the team was defeated 0:1 by the Atletico. However, Barcelona made a draw (1:1) during the meeting of Camp Nou. Although the bad turn of the game for Barcelona, online sport betting sites have always considered the team as the favorite one to be admitted in the semi-finals.

On the other hand, Atletico Madrid qualified therefore to the semi-finalists after having defeated Barcelona. This victory would increase the odds of the team on sport betting and more, Atletico has established good performance since the beginning of the tournament. Concerning the match between FC-Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, the goal was scored by Koke of the Colchoneros. It was at just 5 minutes after the start of the game. During the game, there were occasions to score for Lionel Messi at the 12th minute and at the 24th minute. But the effort of the Blaugranas to overcome the score was without success. The last round of the Champions League 2014 promises to be a very interesting event. For those don’t have yet a betting account, it’s time to benefit from betting deposit offers!
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Get your deposit doubled by betting on sports gambling sites!
Bonus is the most common bait that sports betting websites use to attract new customers on their platforms. In order to please these new gamblers, sportsbooks offer them gifts once their membership confirmed. « Double deposit » is one of the most popular welcome offerings provided by those bookies. In fact, online sports betting sites offer to their new members the opportunity to double their first deposit(s). Some sites always double their members' deposits no matter how much they are. On other platforms, the amount of the assigned bonus is limited to a few hundreds euros.

And thanks to this very profitable betting sign up bonus, new bettors will be able to puts their first bets on without using their own money. Another popular form of welcome bonus that bookmakers give is the “repayment” of the first lost bet. Regardless of the amount of your loss, the site does pay you back. You can then put your bet on safely thanks to this betting deposit offers. And if you win, you can immediately pocket your takings. If you lose, you can wager on your favorite mach with the other bonus provided by the room itself.
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